Problems with the Harvest Festival?

Anyone else seemed to have a problem collecting the pumpkin hats and bat staves?  I was, and after trading over 15 stacks of ginger cookies and garlic crackers (yes, that many), I did some research.  I already had the Pumpkin Hat, Horror Hat, Trick Staff, and Treat Staff from a previous time (when, I dun remember).  Over the course of the Harvest Festival! 2008, I got the Pumpkin Hat II and Trick Staff II… the instant Xiahou took over my character and traded (WTH?).  Anyhow, after those 15+ stacks of me not getting anything after Xiahou got those items, I decided to check out the previous Harvest Festival guides to see if there were any notes that weren’t carried over to the 2008 edition.

There was.

The 2006 edition, besides completely listing all the tradeable sweets and treats, noted that wearing the “corresponding equipment” (and nothing else – get nakey, folks) of what Harvest Fest gear you wanted helped to faciliate obtaining that gear:

The 2007 and 2008 editions regurgitated the 2006 edition (minus the above detail), further noting that changing NPCs after receiving an item quickened the gathering.

Within one stack of garlic crackers (66 crackers, to be specific)… I got my Horror Head II and Treat Staff II.  (-_-;)

Hope this helps.


~ by aerroenu on October 22, 2008.

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