Got your attention, didn’t I?  Anyhow, gonna be “general” about this.

So, a fellow participant of Tarutaru Times Online (TTTO) blew off some steam at his… disappointment in finding a fair portion of blog posts on there relating to something other than Final Fantasy XI (FFXI)… namely, the infamously hated “World of Warcraft” (WOW).  He further escalated his complaints to the ever-wonderful Wyred, master chief of TTTO.  A lot of comments made about this… “phenomona” seemed split between “well, sorry we’re not posting about FFXI all the time” and “FFXI ONRY OR GTFO”.  I’m with the patch of folks who are all  “hmmm. *shrugs and goes about her business*”.  Any of those folks out there? *shields eyes and looks around*

To the folks of the latter group, I suggest you all make a nice little blog post thanking Wyred for adding the filter that filters out non-FFXI posts when he completes it.  No, seriously.  Da dude’s done a lot for us all.

Thank you, Wyred! (=D)

Edit: Ok, I had already been corrected by Wyred that he had volunteered to these adjustments.  I don’t see any other reason to reiterate that in another comment (unless you didn’t read the comments. ;p).

Regardless, I still stand by my stance that we should all thank Wyred for his hard work.


~ by aerroenu on September 13, 2008.

5 Responses to “ZOMGdramaONtehTTTOlolWTFbbq!!!1”

  1. Wait lol, the matter was never brought up to me. I merely observed people’s reactions and decided that it’s needed and went ahead and did it on my own

  2. (o.O)

    Oh. Well… STILLzomgTHANKyouWYRED!!! (/^.^)/

  3. There seems to be a misconception that I actually asked Wyred to do it, but the truth is I never talked to him about it, he just saw my and a few other people’s posts did it on his own, and when he did I thanked him for it~

  4. little Aerroe Taru

  5. IMO people have the freedom to subscribe what they like. If they don’t like blogging WoW IMO, can unsubscribe :3

    People are probably emo IRL and being EMO on us :3

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