In the Footsteps of the Great Master Crafter Mikesjustice?

Yeah, I dunno.

Was chit-chatting with Xiahou about how I was thinking of leveling Clothcraft to 80 on Aerroenu so I could craft up supplies for all my other crafters… and how that would conflict with me get some other crafts on her up, too (like, say, Goldsmithing 70 to go, “Screw this – I’ll craft my own Shrimp Lanterns”).   This eventually lead to a small discussion about how I had originally made all my (four) mules so that I’d always have someone in every city… and how if I went and simply made a mule for ALL the crafts (outside of fishing, of course)… well… hmm…  There’s:

  1. Alchemy – taken care of by my Bastokan mule,
  2. Bonecraft,
  3. Clothcraft – taken care of by me, Aerroenu… maybe… probably… more than likely,
  4. Cooking – taken care of by Windurstian mule,
  5. Goldsmithing,
  6. Leathercraft,
  7. Smithing,
  8. Woodworking – taken care of by my San d’Orian mule.

Well, now that I’ve listed all the crafts, I’ve just realized that my Jeuno mule could take up one of the unclaimed crafts.  He was fortunately enough to get… 500,000 gil, um… supplied to him… I miss the days when making that much money didn’t hurt. /laugh!

So, realistically, I’d only need to make three more mules… more than likely, it would be one of each nation, again.  One of them will definitely be a Galka.  I’ve always wanted a Galka character.

Which leads to probably the biggest problem for me: which races and models?  It’s a problem for me because I happen to like a lot of the models… a very lot of them. (>.<) Not to mention, the combinations, too.  The tie-breaker’s my Smithing mule, what with Smithing being in Bastok and San d’Oria.  Do I want a total of…

  • three Elvaan characters?  I like a lot more of the female models than male ones, both of which are taken care of by my Jeuno mule… and Xiahou.  Choosing this would guarantee that I have two mules per starting city.  Or,
  • two Hume characters?  Besides my current female one, there is one male model I happen to really like.  I almost made my Bastokan mule that model.  Choosing this would tilt my mules one in San d’Oria, two in Windurst, and three in Bastok.  It’s not that I don’t like Bastok… but I’m a Libra.  I like things somewhat balanced. /laugh!

Yeah, I know.  If I chose the two Hume choice, I could make the Hume in San d’Oria… I dunno, it feels a little weird putting him in San d’Oria… maybe it’s because he doesn’t get a San d’Orian Ring… which shouldn’t be a problem because – hey!  Saves me one space slot, no?

I dunno.  I think I’m going to sleep on this one.  I have a long day at work tomorrow, anyhow.  Hopefully it’ll be steady enough that I get a chance to think loosely about how I’d want to do this.

… yeah, I know I need to make more blog entries. /laugh! And I know that there’s so much I’d like to post about.


~ by aerroenu on September 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “In the Footsteps of the Great Master Crafter Mikesjustice?”

  1. There is only one race choice as far as I’m concerned.

    Once you go taru, there’s no turning back. ^^

  2. I say go for it. Get all the crafts up, I’ll convince you to go back to WoW and you will give me your account, and then I’ll sell it for MILLIONS MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Nmae your galka Ruffles

  3. You might also want to consider starting a second account for dual-boxing. It’s a lot easier and convenient. You can also farm for materials on your main for your second.

  4. Tuufless: I’m actually a bit envious of how easy it is for you to decied what kind of char to make. (xD)

    Walrus: Ha. Ha. Ha… (;p)

    Wyred: I thought about that… except I happen to have Xiahou’s account password. So, it makes that a little moot point. (xD)

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