*sigh* I Has to Comment.

Brought up by fellow members of the Tarutaru Times Online, Yahoo! has an article about how folks fought a single mob fo 18-hours straight and started to pass out.  Reprinted from their website:

New game enemy takes a solid day to defeat

Aug 19, 2008

If it’s good enough for Cartman, it’s good enough for Square-Enix.

The developers of the online role-playing game Final Fantasy XI seemingly borrowed a page from the Emmy-winning South Park episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft” by updating the game with one of the longest – and most physically grueling – video game fights ever. Introduced in the game’s latest downloadable update, the boss monster “Pandemonium Warden” remained perfectly fit after a group of high-level adventurers wailed away at it nonstop for over 18 hours straight.

Though the seemingly unbeatable boss will not prevent people from ‘completing’ the game — persistent online games typically do not “end” like most single-player games — it has sparked debate over what exactly the game’s developers, Square-Enix, expect out of their devoted fan base. Message boards have lit up with disgruntled players calling out the company for failing to respect its very own in-game warning telling players they have “no desire to see your real life suffer as a consequence [of playing]. Don’t forget your friends, your family, your school or your work.”

Easy for them to say. While the beast continually healed, the gamers weren’t so lucky.

“People were passing out and getting physically ill,” leaders of the player guild said in a forum post. “We decided to end it before we risked turning into a horrible news story about how video games ruin people’s lives.”

Too late.

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Edit and Appendum – 08/21/2008 @ 1:02PM EST

I apologize to Rukenshin and his fellow LS members for the harsh comments I had made.  While it looks cowardly of me, I erased my orignal post.  I do this in agreement with a couple of BlueGarterLS posters (predominantly ByebyeTasai’s), the drama attached to this article does not need to continue.  I am retyping my comments, but not as angrily or harshly as I had earlier (thanks to Etain and Mischa).

You are right: the biggest problem with this is that it had leaked out into the media, and the media proceeded to blow everything out of proportion.  One of the biggest disappointments lies in there while the other is Square-Enix’s questionable game design.  Square-Enix is known for their radically hard HNM battles, and the fight with the Pandemonium Warden blows Absolute Virtue out of the water.

I still, however, stand by my previous opinion that Rukenshin’s LS need not have fought that thing for so long.  As asinine as I was, I am concerned that they risked their well-being for the prestige of fighting Pandemonium Warden.  Personally, any fight with one monster that’s longer than three hours is excessive (I say three hours because we all have camped the three-hour window for an HNM ;p).  Why not draw the line and say, “No.  We do not have to go through this ridiculous fight, and we will not”?  And, afterwards, go to POL and send their comments to Square-Enix encouraging them to rethink and re-evaulate their game design for Pandemonium Warden?  When over eighteen comments (and the eventually flow of more) arrive about the same thing, I’m sure Square-Enix would take notice.

I cannot deny that I am a follower of hubris, but I cannot stop wondering if all this mess would have easily been adverted.  Granted, both ways would have drawn Square-Enix’s attention to Pandemonium Warden.  Just now, however, there are more spotlights on Square-Enix.


~ by aerroenu on August 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “*sigh* I Has to Comment.”

  1. The problem though, is after 18 hours of continuous fighting the mob did nothing but cycle through forms and they found NO FEASIBLE WAY to defeat it. Keep in mind, this isn’t your average linkshell either- BeyondtheLimitation not only has an AV kill under their belts, they have about 7 (or more, there were 7 at the fight) relic weapons in the LS, and are also home to the “esteemed” player Rukenshin. This fight was also the attempt at PW that has told us the most about it, considering it’s a brand new “boss” and few groups have fought him to the point to really give us any decent information regarding his behavior or strategy.

    Yes, it was their choice to sit and plug away for 18 hours. If you read Rukenshin’s 2 livejournal posts recounting their efforts, most of the reason they kept going was because with every form change PW did, they thought they were that much closer to bearing him.The fact that a group of people with arguably the best or some of the best equipment in this game, and some of the beter players around, spent that many hours plugging away at the boss, couldn’t beat him after 18 hours, and theorize that it could possibly take LONGER than the time they spent to beat him says more about SE’s poor design in this boss than the fact that a bunch of people played this game til they got exhausted.

  2. I don’t think it was Rukenshin’s Ls that was blaming anyone for their attempt at PW, it just everyone else and all the surrounding media that was. I was talking to others on vent about this last this past weekened and all I heard was “SE is really fucked up for making this mob” Seriously it seems as though SE doesnt know its limits between something that is incredibly easy to kill or something that is ridiculously stupid.Players are always asking for tougher mobs because the ones we’re used to are incredibly easy nowadays. Apparently SE doesnt understand what we mean by tough. instead they make a monster that takes to long. Um ok? Maybe this ls that tired were idiots for standing around for 18 hours tryin to beat the PW but if it wasnt in the game in the first place, they wouldn’t have had that option. I’m being technical yes, but like Etain said”Its poor game design”.
    Like Jorm, hes supposed to be the toughest wyrm to beat and he takes 4+ hours to kill, but his drops are nothing more then money drops, nothing good.
    Anyways, heres Rukenshin’s link before you read anything.

  3. No one said they had to try for 18 hours straight.

    sensational journalism about an overly devoted group.

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