A Superb FFXI MV… and a Return to Vana’diel?!

First off, I want to draw your attention to DeviFoxx’s superbly done Final Fantasy XI Music Video – 「少年ハート」 Shounen Heart.  A downloadable version is available on his website (open the info tab for more details).  It’s a little sad that he didn’t make it in time… and that their rules bar videos featuring artist vocals. (Of course, I’m not so stupid that I can’t see the legal ramifications that it would bring.)  I’ve seen a fair portion of “music videos”, especially “anime music videos”.  DeviFoxx’s blows a lot of them out of the water and has a place along my (few) favorite AMVs.

Brownie points for being my favorite Elvaan M model, too. (<3)

Second, yeah, it’s official.

I am back in Vana’diel.

Ok, I’ve been back for about a week? /laugh! I kinda crept back into it, sending a few “small /wave” via tells to a few folks, exploding onto Draconum’s TheSolonavi LS. I’ve read up on all the updates they’ve made between when I left to when I came back. I am pleased (in that quiet, satisfied way) at the changes they’ve made.

Many folks asked why I left World of Warcraft (along with my -yes- fiance, Xiahou). I feel compelled to say why on my blog.  With their new expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, releasing in October, Xiahou and I were displeased at all the stuff they were introducing. Primarily…

They’re raising the level cap to Lv. 80.

Raising level caps isn’t a bad thing, but what happened to Burning Crusade when they raised the level cap? Pre-BC endgame content was much easier to attempt, but something worse happened.  Does anyone ever do Ahn’Qiraj?  Fight Onyxia and the world bosses?  Trudge through Stratholme?


As Xiahou so eloquently put it (adapted for this situation), “Why bother battling for some pre-BC armor that’s easily replaced with a Lv. 71 green from the BC areas?”  From the looks of WotLK, “why should be bother working hard for all this uber armor that’s going to be outdated by a Lv. 81 junk armor?”

Xiahou and I also missed a lot of “content” that’s lacking in WOW, abundant in FFXI.  Sure, WOW has its content, but you can omit it all without remotely touching them.  Plus, prior knowledge of WOW via the Warcraft games makes WOW more enjoyable.  With FFXI being a self-contained game, it has to pack all of its story into itself.  Not to mention, how can you say “no” to cinematic storytelling?  And does anyone else notce that they REMEMBER FFXI’s cinematic stories vs. WOW’s “read this page” stories?

I have no problem that FFXI’s graphics are more “down-to-earth” (and beautiful in their own right) versus WOW’s incredibly bright and vibrant colorfest.  I have no problem that I can’t jump in FFXI.  I have no problem that FFXI lacks the “item linking” system WOW has (though I do occasionally miss it).  I have no problem that FFXI does not have automatic crafting (which probably could have helped me upon my return).  I have no problem that FFXI lacks the whacky, over-the-top humor that WOW has.  I have no problem that FFXI is going to involve more work versus “easy to pick up and put down” WOW.

However, I keep forgetting that I can log onto WOW because I’m having too much fun playing FFXI.

Besides the relief of leaving all the constant whining, bickering, and otherwise obnoxious immaturity that flourished in every city in WOW, Xiahou and I did take something with us from WOW: we learned to work incredibly well together.

Xiahou (keeping some tradition) was a paladin in WOW; I, a warlock?!  A 180° turn from my white mage in FFXI!! *lol* Granted, I followed both the WHM’s rule of “keeping a distance”… and the “OVERNUKE LIKE HELL!!” rule of BLM while Xiahou and my voidwalker attempted to tank. *lol* Seems like the stress of work and life have made me a little too willing to dive headfirst into a fight (and be responsible for a couple of wipes).  however, I’d like to think that it’s just my hidden “every-woman” self that’s finally surfacing.  Xiahou has noted, when we started duoing our dancers, that while he “sits back and waits for the mob like a tank”, I’m the “insane little nut who’s too impatient to wait and goes grab it herself”.  I attribute this to doing a fair portion of stuff by myself as a white mage and understanding mob aggro (which I carried with my into WOW).

I guess I’ll continue this later when I’m not as sleepy, but I will state this:
Anyone of you “OMG U R STUPID CUZ WOW ROXXORS” and “FFXI SUX” kids can take your petty arguments somewhere else where they’ll sound more intelligent.

P.S. I should warn that I have become a more cynical and less-restrained-on-the-language Tarutaru.


~ by aerroenu on August 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “A Superb FFXI MV… and a Return to Vana’diel?!”

  1. wow…. dancer?

    I’m sooooo not talking to you anymore!

  2. It was so awesome to talk to you in FFXI again. I enjoyed your speech, and it put some things into perspective about the relationship between WoW and FFXI (although, deep down, I already knew everything).

    You may have become “more cynical and less-restrained-on-the-language”, but you also seem more chill and easy going to talk to. Although, maybe I’M the one who’s grown up! Haha. Anyways, I just wanted to say a long and elaborate hello on your blog :P

  3. Haha, speech? I thought it was a rant! (XD) I do like something Xiahou said over dinner tonight, though:

    “After taking a break from FFXI, I think I’ve returned with more appreciation of the game.”

    I had to take a “hard break” from FFXI. It really does help me realize how much I really miss (and love) FFXI. *lol*

    Raislin, I dunno if I’ve become more “approachable” or not (/shocked /panic /huh), but I feel that we’ve both changed, and it seems for the better.

    P.S. Walrus: bite me. No, no, really, don’t – aaaaaah!!

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