Flashlight + Camera = (=O)

Oof, long time no write. Still workin’, still stressin’, but nothing new, right?

I did want to share this amazing video to everyone: PiKAPiKA THE MOVIE ~GO! GO! PiKAPiKA!!~

“Pika-pika” is Japanese for “blink”. “Hikari” is “light”.

And to Ashira, I believe the “Bel Canto” and the Norwegian “Bel Canto” are the same. (=3)

Hopefully, with me being progressively mellow of WOW (and progressively more behind on characters I’m supposed to catch up to Xiahou’s), I’ll try to update my blog of everything that’s been happening, WOW and (yes) FFXI.

I hope. I think I’ve gotten back into knitting. (@.@)


~ by aerroenu on June 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Flashlight + Camera = (=O)”

  1. stay strong, Aerro(uuuu)Taru

  2. knit me an invisibility cloak please

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