Do you ever thinking of…?

The good ole times?

When there’s a pause in that haze of 40+hour work weeks (and customer servicing), do you ever think of the things you used to love doing?  Do you every flip through the old books and pictures of those good ole times when you were young and got to do what you loved to do at your own leisure?

. . .

Yeah, I really miss those times. *lol*

Life has been a constant grinding of, well… working and… working.  My job has me as a part-timer working full-timer hours.  We’re horribly understaffed – come on, a bank branch that needs three-four tellers working at a time… there’s only one full-timer, me, one of two customer service representatives, and the assistant manager. (@_@)

So, yeah, after about nine hours of working, I come home and… either cook if my BF forgets or EXP-grind or gold-grind on WOW for 2-3 hours (usually 2).

And on the days I don’t have to work… it’s either laundry day or… “I’m not feeling well” day. *lol* It’s usually those days where I get to look back on my old stuff and… well, get a little sad.

I miss FFXI.  Every once in a while when I look at FFXI stuff (especially my favorite fanart sites), I remember the old feelings I used to have while playing.  Riding the ferry to and from Selbina and Mhaura, fishing and wrecking havok on any pirate who made the mistake of attacking our ferry… teaming up and hunting monsters for gil, drops, or exping… or for the homicidal hell of it! *lol* The only reason I haven’t bothered playing it is, well… unlike WOW, I can’t just pick it up and put it down at my leisure.  My fun is at the mercy of “others” more than in WOW.

I miss cosplaying.  I miss sewing.  I miss knitting.  I miss drawing.  I miss signaturing.  I miss web designing.  I miss blogging – there’s a ton of WOW stuff I’d love to share with everyone.  I miss doing “other” stuff.  And I miss not being stressed out practically all the time, too.  There’s a lot of things that I miss… and it just never seems like I ever get a chance to relax and wind down doing my good ole “fun stuff”.  ‘course, it doesn’t help that I’m probably suffering from artist’s block and can’t get past the sketching stage with any drawing I work on! *lol*

I guess that’s the life you live as a full-time-workin’ part-timer, eh? (xD) Hopefully my branch will get the tellers we desperately need so I can go back to working part-time hours and do the things I want… including… going back to school this summer. \(o.O)/

We’ll see how the river flows.


~ by aerroenu on February 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “Do you ever thinking of…?”

  1. hang in there!

  2. A great man once said, “hang in there!”

  3. We miss happy Ribbons!

    A great man once said, “We miss happy Ribbons!”

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