Aerroenu is dead.


Scared ya, didn’t I?  Unless you are Feiwong.  To which I can’t help but think, “Haha, SUCKAAAAAAH!!!”

In a nutshell, I’ve been working.  A lot.  For a job that involves a lot of cash.  And security.  And customer service.  And customers who drive without a driver’s license.  The f***?

… and I’m a Warlock 43 on Bronzebeard in WOW.  Funny how I started FFXI as a RDM, whose AF is called the “warlock” set… and here I am, with my highest job being a warlock in WOW, which would be the equivalent of a SMN and a RDM focused and fire and shadow/dark magic.

Granted, I got Warlock43, like, 2-3 weeks ago.
And more and more of my “me time” is becoming “we time” with a certain PLD I’m
living with.

“Wings of the Goddess” hasn’t quite done the trick of pulling me back into FFXI. (; ;)

BTW, to my LSs Lineage, SpiritsofEvolution, Cheers, and, affectionately, TheSolonavi… I miss you guys.  Hugs and cheers to ya’ll. =)

P.S. Is anyone else freaked out that I’ve posted exactly two months since my last one? (>.>;)


~ by aerroenu on December 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “Aerroenu is dead.”

  1. haha, you’re probably living up to your blog name! Its a misprint :)

    But yea hehe, I havta agree Wings of the Goddess didn’t do the trick at all. I played it for 1hr and… I log off play WoW xD

    Everytime I check my F-list, none of them are in the new areas either. I think its just horrible lol! & Warlock is too powerful! nerf nerf nerf! :)

  2. Hey Ribbons!

    We miss you in FFXI! Glad to hear you’re keeping busy and enjoying some WoW, even if that means we don’t get to enjoy having your presence in TheSolonavi.

    Hope to see you soon! I don’t have anyone else to say “Ooh, lala” when I do crazy things…

  3. Aerroenu

    E I just did an E one wtf
    Nymphomaniac ( I guess )
    U… hahaha ewwwwww

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