“Wings of the Goddess” Official Release Date & Site Update!

An official release date and trailers have been added to PlayOnline’s Official Wings of the Goddess website.  I am enchanted that apparently a new job, Dancer, will be introduced.  The model animations I’ve seen in the video are, to say the least, very animated and cool!  I’m, actually, very intrigued by this new job.  Seeing how it’s been confirmed that at least one new job will be introduced, I made a speculation.  Taking into account that some expansions (‘member, Chains of Promathia didn’t introduce new jobs) are required to unlock new jobs, each of these expansions released three new jobs.  So, I’m speculating that Dancer is the first of three new jobs introduced in the next expansion.  A whole bunch of folks are claiming that “geomancer/time mage” and “blah-blah-blah”, according to some unquotable “insider source” is another new job they’ll be introducing…

… to which, honestly, I think it’s a complete and utter lie until I see Square-Enix officially release such info.  I’m not going to split hairs trying to guess what Square-Enix is up to.  I need those hairs for when I’m trying to clean up my mules’ inventories. (@_@;) I’ve ran out of space thanks to me being insistent on making full use of everything that I grow from gardening.

Speaking of gardening, throughout my time without a computer, I’ve been growing stuff
with wildgrass seeds (read:  chocobo feed) .  This last harvest, I was aiming to get the elusive, mental-boosting zegham carrots.  To my surprise, I not only finally got my first zegham carrot, but I got over five stacks of them! [Screenshots dending.] Seeing how I’m having better luck with these, I’m debating whether to keep keeping or finally sell a few of my 18+ stacks of physique-boosting vomp carrots.

Of course, while trying to grow zegham carrots, I got over 15 stacks of gysahl greens.
Looks like it’ll be time for me soon enough to test Bloo’s digging skills… which, sadly, I
wanted to wait until he either learned “bore” or “burrow” before doing.  Guess I’ll give in early.  At least I might raise my chocobo-digging skills. (=/)

Oh!  BTW, folks, keep an eye out for my blog entry bout my adventure making a real-life version of FFXI’s “baked apples”!  The in-game recipe states that it takes cinnamon, a faerie apple, maple sugar, and selbina butter to make this delectable, magical dessert (yes, it’s “magical”!  At least MP+20, AGI-1, INT+3).

Why am I doing this?  Today (or, technically, yesterday), my BF and I went to a local cider
mill to pick some apples!  We only got golden delicious, which, strangely, don’t look “golden” or yellow at all! [Photo pending.] (o_O;)

So, yeah, keep a head’s up for this wonderful disaster to happen! (xD)


~ by aerroenu on September 23, 2007.

3 Responses to ““Wings of the Goddess” Official Release Date & Site Update!”

  1. I think Dancer will be for the females only :p

    Come to sky on Friday night with Lineage!

  2. Why, what’s going on up there Friday? (o_O)

  3. Oh no. Good luck with the recipe?

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