FFXIclopedia Drama of Astronomical Proportions (?)

So Ryskar brought a bit of FFXIclopedia Drama to the attention of the KillinigIfrit: Odin community… and if the thread got deleted, here’s the original BlueGartrLS post.

Quoting GamezAsura from Ryskar’s post:

Taj took the admin account, changed the frontpage to list off all the fraud backstory and pillaged their inboxes for the truth about the whole issue and records of where all the donations went. Does hacking this make him the bad guy? not really, he did it to get answers for a large-scale community that deserved them, and from what I recall, people who take advantage of others seem to be high-motivation in things he has exploited or broken into in the past.


A boycott of contribution seems to be the general idea here.

Wiki are community edited, and the fact 6 people are cashing in securely over a community effort is part of what irks people. The same people which they took advantage of and extorted through misspent fund raisers on themselves for all that hard work they do with the edit button share that right to be mad.

In return a peace offering to us of mouse pads, t-shirts and the like with a mock-up price to tell us they spent all the money, since they don’t need servers anymore now that they’ve sold out for a bigger payoff.

This drama undoubtedly spiked their page hits per day over the next week atleast whilst people wait for juicy drama to unfold, but without further contribution from the solid player base via-boycott, their pages will degenerate into poor speculations and guesstimate articles of very opinionated and non-factual bad information, which everyone diverts their effort into a non-profit wiki for the public. If you didn’t know that – You do know, bitches.

There’s even more drama with Wikia.com.  Apparently, copyleft articles cannot be commercially used.

I would love to remake another FFXIclopedia (of sorts), but the one thing I foresee is people now questioning who they could trust to handle such a big project.  What if the Wiki needed help funding the site and tried to do donations?  That’s my problem – while I would love to help host a new FFXIclopedia and etc., I lack the funds to do it.  I know I am honorable enough to be trusted with cash.  I handle tons of it (think over $15,000) at one of my jobs and have yet to be tempted to do anything stupid – I love my job (duh), and I’d like to keep it (double duh).

The only problem is that not everyone out there knows they can trust me.  That’s the roadblock that would keep me from jumping the bandwagon on this.

Maybe I should finally get off my ass and re-learn C++ to make my personal FFXI library after all.  Save me from any problems like these. (-_-)


~ by aerroenu on September 17, 2007.

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