Bloo Has Finally Grown Up!


*toots the <call4> “Chocobo Victory” tune!*

Ain’t he a beaut?  He’s actually a little disappointing.  His Strength and Endurance is poor, which I can understand… but his Discernment and Receptivity are substandard!  My BF’s already had “a bit deficient” when his chocobo hit adolescence! (>.<) Racing his rank up has been a bit rough, I guess.  He got 2nd on his Novice Race I.  He actually got 1st on his 2nd Novice Race II!… after I gave him chocobo taping and instructed my lovely jockey, Sosopapa, to use “final spurt”.  Novice Race III seemed to have been giving him tons of trouble, though.  He, at least, keeps coming in 4th place, regardless of what I do.

My problem with raising my chocobo was that I gave him a care plan that conflicted with his food.  Because I didn’t focus on physical or mental care plans as a chick, his stats aren’t as
stellar are they could be.  Yeah, yeah, he’s my first chocobo, but I really should have
seen that coming while observing my BF raising his chocobo.

I’m debating about pre-maturely retiring him… but I don’t want to give up on him just yet.  Probably doesn’t help that he trusts me so much (I found his dirty handkerchief on the first try! o.O) I guess we’ll see how he does from now on.


~ by aerroenu on September 17, 2007.

One Response to “Bloo Has Finally Grown Up!”

  1. My bird has a bigger beak than your bird =P

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