FFXI’s COP Ending Song “Distant Worlds”

Somehow, I ran into this Youtube video of a “Voices from Final Fantasy” concert in Japan featuring the FFXI Opening Theme (Memoro De La Ŝtono) and Izumi Masuda’s Distant Worlds… which is a song… in English.

Out of all the features in FFXI, Distant Worlds is probably my biggest disappointment.  It’s not because the song’s terrible – it is very beautiful.  Unfortunately, Masuda’s accent is, at times, too distracting.  Maybe I’ve been too spoiled with all the opera my sister listened to and sang.

BTW, don’t knock her credibility: she was an active member of the Dallas Symphony Choir before her husband’s job moved them both out-of-state.  Almost everytime I hear from her, she’s got some opera thing going on. *lol*

I dunno – everytime I hear folks praising Distant Worlds like it’s some Phantom of the Opera piece, I raise an eyebrow.  It’s a good song… I just feel that it was a lot of room for improvement.  Sure, English is a hard language to learn and speak… but when someone has over ten years’ experience in the opera scene and exposure to the typical Roman languages of opera, I’d have imagined they’d learn who to speak it a little more smoothly…

Oh, well. I’ll just continue to sing over her whenever I run into this track in the car.  Not like I already do that – I have a habit of singing while driving. *lol*

I know she doesn’t read this, but thanks to my sis for the singing tips. ;)


~ by aerroenu on September 8, 2007.

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