Jesus, Will It Ever End?

I wonder if anyone has noticed my absence from any online activity.  We’ll ignore the fact that now I am officially juggling two part-time jobs, putting me anywhere from 30-50 hours of work a week (depending on how self-destructive I want to get with one of my jobs).  Sure, it sucks that with one job, I’ll be working evening times.  But, I really shouldn’t complain.  I needthe money for stuff.

Like updating my video card (FYI, ATI All-In-Wonder 9800).

I haven’t been able to play FFXI, COH/V, and maybe even WOW (remember: I canceled my account).  Everytime I load any of these games, my monitor screen suddenly becomes corrupted.  Y’know, all those colorful, staticy lines and such to the point you can hardly see anything?  Yeah.  So, really, if you ever see me online, it’s because I’m using my BF’s computer when he’s not using it.  I was tempted to cancel my FFXI account if it weren’t for the fact that I’m raising a chocobo.  So, I’m just resorting to trying to make money during the few times I actually am online.

Doesn’t help that, at some point in time this morning, my computer had an “Error Loading OS…” when I started it up?! (o O;) Seems like wires and such got loose. Damn, I think I just need to totally rebuilding this thing.

Of course, my frustrations with my computer have been super-imposing frustrations in my relationship.  Originally had a nice, long rant about it, but after some discussions, I deleted it.

So, yeah.  Anyhow.


~ by aerroenu on September 3, 2007.

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