Oooooooooooooooh, My God, It’s a – !!

Remember when I was complaining about watching my BF raise his second chocobo?  Yeah, I finally gave in 3-4 days earlier, and…


OMG, is it cute. (-.-;) I don’t think I stopped squealing for a good while! *lol*

So, Aerro’s the proud mommy of a healthy boy chocobo named – !!…

… ok, I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to name it. (@_@;) Really, I don’t want to name it something with a color association, like – like… *flips through FFXIclopedia… bawks that her chosen word isn’t there* Um… well, like, I don’t want to name it “Golden Amber”… and have them turn into a black chocobo!! *lol*

So, yeah, poor little fellow’s gonna be nameless until he becomes an adolescent.  Granted, he can’t go to Camp Kweh to visit my BF’s new (and third) chocobo, but I’m aiming to make this fella a diggin’ chocobo.  For now, I’m focusing more on the “mental stats” while giving him “physical stat”-raising food.  I’m not aiming to make him “super extraordinary”… but rather balanced for the time being.  Once I have him race and get chocobucks, I’ll work on increasing his  stats so that he’s an excellent digger.

Even if he’s not one of the colors I’m aiming for (blue or black), I hope things go well for the both of us.


~ by aerroenu on August 22, 2007.

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