Webhost Shoppin’!

So I started looking to potential webhosts whenever I saved up enough for it.  I took a few notes from Tarunation, primarily to be wary of HostDepartment.

Incidentally enough, it’s one of several hosts I’d sign up for.

It’s a bit of a competition between HostDepartment, LunarPages, BlueHost and AnHosting.  I vaguely checked out DreamHost, but nothing got my attention.

My biggest concern is finding a host that provides a lot of “programming” support, like PHP, SQL, Javascript, and etc. support.  Space and bandwidth (especially space) is not that big of a concern ATM.  LunarPages is a shakey one because, in order to have ASP or JSP, I’d have to pay up to an extra $3.00/month.  I’d like a package that includes those in the cost.

I guess when I feel bettaru, I’ll check those four out even more.  I’m a little excited, but I know I really shouldn’t be because, well… I’m not gonna get one anytime soon. *lol*

Not to mention, oo, I’m out after a Wacom Tablet… which, while I had a chance to win one… um… I failed.  ’cause I couldn’t think of anything to submit for the contest. orz

So, a webspace or a tablet first.  Hmm… /think


~ by aerroenu on August 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Webhost Shoppin’!”

  1. but no one can beat the space and the bandwidth that Lunarpages is offering

  2. No pirates for Aerro ? Aawwwwww – don’t worry tho’.

  3. Get the tablet 1st.

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