God, Am I Going Emo…?

I actually decided to try out Tibur’s incredibly awesome Sig Tutorial… and, somehow, just… my mood got the better of me.  I could probably blame me reading up on Silent Hill on Wikipedia… but, really, I don’t see how that could affect me outside of maybe sig-styling.


Cranberries’ Empty.  Yay for “teh Cranberries”. 

Seriously, I do feel kinda… “empty.”  It’s pretty depressing.  I think I’m filled with so much anger, so much frustration, but have no real way to expel it.  It really is draining.

Maybe it’s me juggling two jobs, one of which I’m undergoing training… involves a lot of “security” work.  Doesn’t help that they’re both “part-time” and have a bi-weekly paycheck.  Not to mention, the “unsaid things”, “not-done things”, and “unfulfilled wishes” that float around the apartment rain on my energy and emotions.

To make matters worse… I really haven’t been feeling a lot of initiative to play FFXI.  Outside of Dynamis, the occasional duoing I do with my BF (whenever he’s in the mood), and… well, those things, Vana’diel just seems so… lonely.  Even with all the great friends in there, they’re not online at the same time I am.  COH/V, well, it’s something I could drop at any moment.  I’ve actually been wanting to go back to WOW, but I had already hit financial problems with COH/V.  Thanks, NCSoft, for charging on the spot versus the “charge at the end of the month” deal your subscription page claimed to do.  t(-_-)

I’ve been wishing I never subscribed to COH/V.  After activating it at the beginning of this month, how many times have I played it?  Three-five times.  At least three of the times was when I duoed with my BF.  The controls really annoy me.  I’d rather avoid using a mouse as much as possible.

It’s times like these where I wish there were more hours in a day, that I needed less sleep, or I could find the right foods to get me… “energetic”.

Either way, come on, Aer!  Don’t forget those requests!


~ by aerroenu on August 15, 2007.

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