Signature Threads – Why Don’t I Request or Offer?

Signatures… signatures… they’ve been on my brain for over a week so far.  I gave in and accepted Syllna and Thatsmypunk’s request for a sig a while back, and… I’m a little worried about them.

’cause I think I HAVE SIGNATURER’S BLOCK?! (T.T)

In an attempt to get me back in the “Signaturing Groove”, I sharked through KillingIfrit’s Signature Requests section and let myself be led from one signaturer (or maybe I should say “sigger”) to another (there are a lot of impressive peeps, enough to take over 150MB of my data drive).  It probably doesn’t help that I’m listening to “Weird Al” Yankovic versus KOTOKO, though.  That’s only inspired me to make one sig, and it’s a personal sig.

So, anyhow.  While looking through all the (awesome) sigs, I got to thinking why I never requested a sig nor why I never made a forum thread offering to make sigs.

Why don’t I ask for a sigs?  I have had thoughts about it, but right now, I really don’t want to request one from anyone.  Mostly because I’d love to showcase all the sigs I requested, like what I did with my random signatures.  Problem being is that at the current moment, I do not have a webhost to host them all.  Randomized signatures require some .htaccess and PHP coding, which, I believe, can only be done from a webhost versus an image-hosting site (Photobucket for me, ATM).  Because I cannot do that ATM, I refrain from making any signature requests.

Why don’t I openly offer to make sigs?  Time.  I’m working two (part-time, grr!!) jobs, now.  I haven’t been able to stay up late, which is when I make sigs best.  Plus, there’s a lot going on, and it’s draining me faster than I’d like it to.  That’s probably leading to my sigger’s block.

Not to mention, I’m pretty modest about my sigs.  And I’m intimidated by all the awesome sigs by siggers who make a request thread.

I’m going to try to overcome that by participating in the “Sig of the Week” (SOTW) contests they occasionally have (search up “SOTW” on KillingIfrit).  No awards outside of recognition, but, hey, it’s all cool, right?  I kinda wish they’d bring back one of their older SOTW… meaning, SOTW36: Rulers… ’cause I’m very surprised that no one thought of Dynasty Warriors (ftw!)!!  I mean, come on!!  Cao Cao?!  Liu Bei?!  The Sun Family?!


Update: Anyhow, here is my first ever entry for SOTW66:

Aerroenu's SOTW66 Entry

I used the following materials for this sig:

Materials for Aerroenu's SOTW66 Entry

I’m so gonna lose. *lol* (xD) But, at least I’ve gotten over my sigger’s block… I hope. *lol*


~ by aerroenu on August 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “Signature Threads – Why Don’t I Request or Offer?”

  1. Meh, you still do good taru.

    p.s I’ve fallen to the darkside too – lvl 23 Blood elf Hunter on an EU server, with the wife as a Warlock *lol* all that in 2 weeks………. and despite being out an about helping the Parent, a t a party. but it’s such a difference to FF.

    p.s. Hillsbrad needs cookies.

  2. I’m a GFX’r as well, and I hate when you run into a block. Usually a few beers helps. You MUST be listening to music that makes you bob your head, I’m not so sure that I’d be able to make many sigs while listening to Weird Al. Hey, I’ve just recently started up a blog of my own, mainly to showcase my Sigs and GFX. Would you be interested in a link partnership? I’ll link to yours right now, and I’ll hope to hear back from you.

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