Back Into the Fantasy (and Fish)

On a whim, I returned back to playing FFXI, promising to get RDM to 70 before I do anything else outside of money-making in that game.

It was just what I needed to get myself back into FFXI.  My WOW account had been previously closed to curb a portion of financial problems in the near future, so I have no worries about it.  It will end on August 4th.  I may revive the account someday later when FFXI burns me out a little too much (or the urge to play it rises too strongly).


It was nice to be back.  Leveling RDM has been slow, which slightly surprised me when I first wasn’t eaten up after poppin’ the party flag up.  The second time, after looking at all the folks LFP within two levels of me, I figured it was because not many people were within that level range, anyhow.  It doesn’t bother me in the slightest bit, even the fact that I’ve been main-curing in the last 3 PTs I’ve been in ever since I reaffirmed my return.

If there is one thing that WOW has taught me, it’s that it’s ok to solo.

I spent 95k gil to get some equipment to wear when I solo while LFP.  A lot of it concentrates on Attack+, STR+, Parry+, and Shield+ gear with some of my normal INT+ and MND+ accessories and dhalmel pies.  If you see me in this gear, it is not the gear I wear for PT EXPing.  Don’t come screaming at me about not knowing how to play the job.  That’s where my MP+, MND+, and INT+ gear come in.  I have plenty enough people to vouch that I know what I am doing – thank you very much.

Upon my return, I was surprised at the incredibly low cost of moat carp.  Ah, moat carp.  Yes, moat carp.  Those and forest carp that you have to trade 10,000 total to get the second best fishing rod in the game.  Admittedly, I was originally going to have a “moat carp fundraiser” just like Chacharu had done, but instead of “drawing a poster” (and, me and my artist’s block), I was going to knit children’s shawls or scarves to be donated to a children’s charity.  I would only accept so much moat carp person during the time I was knitting a piece.  I gave up on the idea for several reasons.

  1. Knitting takes a long while, no matter how you splice it (even with a knifty knitter).
  2. Knitting requires both hands, especially when using needles.  I’d have to do something that wouldn’t involve my hands, like watching TV or… yeah, just sittin’ there, knitting.
  3. While I would have liked to knit a lot of shawls, it would take a whole month of continuous knitting to complete even one shawl or scarf.

So, instead of going with this “knitting for moat carp” deal, I’ll just earn the money to buy the moat carp… meaning I’d have to earn about 2mil before I finish the rod.

*sighs* A lot of things have most definitely changed since I’ve returned.  I don’t mind it one bit.  And Wyred’s “photoshop happiness” inspired me to fool around with screenshots. (;p)


~ by aerroenu on July 23, 2007.

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