Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches

Greatest thing in the world, especially paired with anything with tomato.  I highly suggest you experiment with different cheese outside of the good old-fashion cheddar.  If you can find colby jack cheese sliced, even better.

I recently started to make these in a rather improper way.  I’d pre-toast the bread a little bit so that it slightly hardens, making it easier to handle with no fear of squishing it.  Also makes it easier to butter, if you prefer to do it that way.  I don’t; I typically just cut a dollop of butter into the hot frying pan, spread the butter over a small area, then flop down a slice of bread… and then wipe that around the pan with a spatula.  Rinse and repeat with the other slice of bread – you can grill that at the same time. *lol* Give them a few minutes, then I add whatever in the middle on one side, top it with the other slice, and flip whenever one side is browned enough.  Best filling I’ve used so far is colby jack & mozarella sliced cheese (Meijer’s had them o.O) and honey-baked ham from their deli.

If you’re gonna add any ham or meat, it’s best to keep it thin, like maybe deli-sliced.  That way, you will actually bite a portion of the meat instead of grabbing a bit of it to pull out of the sandwich.  You can use two slices of cheese, too, to hold the meat in and make it cheesier.

It’s pretty easy to make, and the only way you could ruin it is forgetting that it’s on the stove.  Kinda like what my mom says: cooking is easy as long as you stay by the stove. *lol*

Yeah, I’ll update with photos next time I make these.


~ by aerroenu on July 22, 2007.

4 Responses to “Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches”

  1. I really…. really…. like so totally really hecka hate Draenei…

    fat AIDS infested cows

    you never talk to me on TS ; ;

  2. I thought those would be Tauren.

    … and what do you mea TS? Are you in the same Teamspeak that Hadesixii hosted? Otherwise, I’m in the mood to beat someone’s ass. Point me to the asshat who’s trying to impersonate me.

  3. Yarrrrr
    I am Cruento, lol

  4. I have gone through periods of time where I basically lived on grilled cheese sandwiches.

    One of my favorite ways to make it: Sourdough bread, deli ham, colby jack cheese, maybe some cheddar as well, and a thinly sliced tomato. With any luck, I’ll have some of that sliced pepperoni they sell in small bags (Hormel I think).

    Drac’s Sexcellent Sandwich. Eat one. Blow me. Preferably not in that order.

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