A Blood Elf Hunter and His White Wolf

I like animals.

I like a lot of the large animals that can be tamed by the Hunter Class.  Bears, boars, netherrays, crabs, tigers (or cats), raptors, owls, windserpents, wolves, dragonhawks, serpents, and sporebats, they are my favorites.  But, out of all those pets, my love goes to polar bears and white wolves.  I wanted to have a hunter who could keep a polar bear as a main pet… but I always wanted a white wolf as a main pet.  I already made a dwarven ♀ hunter, and I wanted a blood elf ♂ that I could goof off with.  So, what happened?


That’s right, folks.  The instant that I hit Lv. 10 on my blood elf, I set on an epic journey…

The Journey to Tame Timber!!

Problem, though.  I had to get from the illustrious *cough-cough* lands of Eversong Woods (blood elf starter area) to Dun Morogh (dwarven starter area).  Roughly…


Yours, truly, would be traveling the distance between those two blue dots mostly by foot.  It was here where the size of Azeroth, the lack of riding mounts until Lv. 40, and the high aggro-a-bility of WOW became very… very… apparent.I was able to cut out about half of the travel time by using the teleportation orb in the Sunspire of Silvermoon City to warp to Undercity.

Believe it or not, things went smoothly (aside from that undead dolt who kept trailing me, trying to make me duel him).  Granted, I cheated during accidental deaths and deathwarped myself to graveyards closer to my destination.  But, hell broke loose when I entered Arathi Highlands.  I started to head east versus south halfway through, running into the ogre camp there.  Was hard as hell to get out of there, what with all the ogre, raptors, and vultures there.  It took over 45 minutes to get past just that one spot.  It didn’t help taht the graveyard was kinda far away, either.

Sorry, no screenshots of the mass death-hem. =(

The rest of the way was not as eventful.  I died once from the Ironforge Mountaineer walking the Southern Gate in Loch Modan.  Needless to say, I’m pretty hot at timing these mobs.

Now came another problem I had to overcome: Timber, a Lv. 10 dire wolf, is accompanied by two Lv. 8-9 starving wolves.  Something a Lv. 10 hunter like me couldn’t exactly “handle”.


This is where my BF’s character, a Lv. 30-something dwarven ♂ paladin, Xiahou, comes into play. *lol*

My BF took care of the adds while I concentrated on Timber.  Another one of those close-calls of charming (2nd time I’ve charmed Timber, but on a different character on Lightning’s Blade), but it worked out.  So, for giggles, when my BF asked for me to go into PVP mode, I did.  He regrets not giving me a chance to see if I could actually hit him. *lol*

So, yeah.  Now, I’m a hawt blood elf hunter running around Silvermoon City with a hawt-lookin’ wolf named… yes, Okami.  That’s how much I (<3) that game.  In fact, “Ushiwaka” is “Tao Master Waka”.  I thought of using the name “Issun”… but, really, I like Waka more than Issun, so, yar.

Of course, with every accomplishment, some stupid twit has to come along, go “uuuuuh, how you get that?”, ask “where can you level at 24?”, then go calling you a noob when you tell him you haven’t gotten a character higher than 17.  Needless to say, everytime I look at my wolf, I’m reminded of how much more awesome I am.


Or is that really, “how much more crazy I am”?


~ by aerroenu on July 9, 2007.

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