Wow, a WOW Credit Card? (xD)

World of Warcraft Credit Card

Yeah, I’m tickled at the sight of this.  I can somehow imagine some dolt use this card to buy WOW gold (which, really, is not THAT hard to earn vs. FFXI).

There’s 13 different designs for the cards:

  1. Draenei ♂ Paladin
  2. Blood Elf ♂ Mage (?)
  3. Dwarf ♂ Hunter
  4. Human ♂ Paladin
  5. Gnome ♂ Engineer (??)
  6. Night Elf ♂ Druid
  7. Night Elf ♀ Rogue
  8. Orc ♂ Warrior (?)
  9. Troll ♂ Shaman
  10. Tauren ♂ Warrior (?)
  11. Undead ♀ Mage (?)
  12. Orc ♂
  13. WOW Map

As cool as this is, there really isn’t any need for me to get one of these.  Too bad there doesn’t seem to be a credit card like one of my check cards.  At 20,000 points, I get an extra $100 into a savings account.  It seems like a lot, but when you get double (to even 10x) points using PayPass features at some stores (like 7-Eleven or Meijer) or purchasing at featured stores and points off recurring payments from a checking account (*nudge-nudge-MMORPG accounts, anyone?), it adds up pretty quick.  Much better than the “get 1% back on every $1.00 purchase” that I have with another bank (which I should go get closed).  My BF already got about 12,000 points in 5 months versus the little $5.00 I’ve gotten since the beginning of this year.

Regardless, money issues are catching up on me.  Still looking for a job (even though one has been giving me positive feedback) and got bills and a student loan creeping up on me.  It’s a bit scary, jumping into this world where I have to fend for myself when it seems like the economy is working against me.  I may have left a “well-paying” job, but all the stress, both from work and “family members” (a lot by unfulfilled promises) was not worth it.

It’s really scary, and if there is any advise I could give to anyone… make sure you either have a job or a lot of money saved up when you have to deal with months of “no replies back” from applications. (><;)


~ by aerroenu on July 8, 2007.

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