I Should Get a Wacom Tablet. orz

Speaking of drawing. 

I should definitely be saving up for one of these.  Terren suggests (with incredible passion) that I get an Intuos for all my drawing needs… but, am I really that hardcore of an artist?  Maybe I’ll just use the Graphire to carry me through until I can afford an Intuos.  I would love to get a larger one, but why do that when I tend to draw small? (I also tend to make origami small, too… like, thumbnail-sized small.) It’s about time I got one of these to help with what little graphic designing I’ve been doing… plus, it would make it so much easier to draw.  Use Photoshop CS, make one layer the sketching, make another layer the inking, win-win-win.

Or do it the old fashion way.  Sketch something on sketching paper, grab a light table, ink it on a card stock piece, scan it, then clean up the dust particles that pop up.  But something tells me an investment in a tablet would save up a lot of money spent on materials spent doing the old fashion way.

Maybe I’ll finally get and use a credit card to buy that Wacom tablet with, though the thing scares me to death.  I’m already getting credit from my student loan I wasted for being young and blissfully ignorant.  Natch, this is coming from a 4.0 High School Honors grad.  At the very least, if I want to go back to school, my parents are willing to help me, again, despite me blowing it on two years of computer/electrical engineering.  I honestly didn’t give a damn about the fine details of how to make a computer – I just want to be able to use it for what I want. *lol*

 Oh, well.


~ by aerroenu on July 3, 2007.

3 Responses to “I Should Get a Wacom Tablet. orz”

  1. I’ve used a Wacom Sapphire for a good 3+ years now. They take a bit of getting used to, but you can do wonders even with a small one. I’ve looked at the Intuos, but they’re soooo expensive, even on e-bay.

    And don’t get a credit card. They really are evil.

  2. Credit cards are evil, but – oh! I so want a tablet. *lol*

    Oh, well. *shrugs*

  3. I have a Wacom Graphire myself. It’s little, but it does the job nicely. At $80 it was pretty reasonable as well. I don’t do any drawing with it, but use it more for precision work in Photoshop (it’s LOVELY with the Pen Tool), and the occasional free-style designing, so I can’t say that it would fit what your looking for, but if so, I reccomend it.

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