I Quit FFXI and WOW.

Ok, not really.

Truth be told, I’ve run into financial problems.  I ought to cancel both accounts, but I’d like to keep one open so I can “do” things.  Yeah, I could be knitting or -God forbid?- drawing, thanks to Fred Perry’s LVLUP comics (whoohoo for FFXI comics!).  I could be doing other things to relax… but, I’d think I’d like to keep ONE of the MMORPGs activated so I can fool around in it.  So, it all boils down to:

 Final Fantasy XI:


  • Know lots of friends and acqaintences there.
  • Crafting is fun.
  • So is hunting and farming.
  • EXPing with other people.
  • More involved work (makes it seem more fulfilling).
  • Many fun jobs to choose from on one character (and sub-jobs).
  • More of a “story plot” with missions, artifact armor quests, and a few interconnecting quests.
  • EDIT : Vana’diel is a smaller world, making it easier to travel.
  • EDIT : Easier to avoid aggro. (^ ^;)


  • Focus is needed to play well, and I don’t compromise that.
  • EXP best earned in a party setup (which sometimes frightens me).
  • Aht Urghan LAG!! (>___<;)
  • Crafting limit; therefore, I have about 4 mules. (>_<)
  • Making money is a bit rough (but doable).
  • Feiwong’s back as “Fewong” (then, again, this might be entertaining).
  • I pay for my main account and 4 additional mules, totallying $16.95/month.

World of Warcraft:


  • Lots of different characters to make/play as. 
  • Easier to solo, even for a curing job (WOW’s Priest vs. FFXI’s WHM).
  • Easier to solo… for a ranged attack job (WOW’s Hunter vs. FFXI’s RNG).
  • Ranged job gets F***ING PET!! (xD)
  • 3 words: Pet. Polar. Bear.
  • Another set of 3 words: Pet. White. Wolf.
  • Just plain easier and more relaxing to play.
  • EXP gained easily solo (not deal with people other than my BF).
  • Lots of characters for a simple $14.95/month price.
  • EDIT : Making money here is easier than you’d think. 
  • EDIT : Azeroth is a large world to explore!


  • Prior knowledge helps with the enjoyment of Azeroth’s history (vs. FFXI’s missions and such). 
  • Friends on other server, so can’t communicate or play with them. (>.<)
  • BF is the only other “friend” on primary server. (>.<)
  • Riding mounts at Lv. 40 (vs. Lv. 20 in FFXI) = too much time spent walking.
  • Each character has a specific job (and not all jobs have movement speed boosts Lv. 20+).
  • Gets a little repetitive with all the walking back and forth and no shortcuts or mounts. (>.<)
  • EDIT : It’s too easy to get aggro. (>.<)

It’s a pretty big tug-of-war.  I have the nostalgia for FFXI, but I want to see what else there is to do in WOW.  Sure, it probably isn’t much, but there’s little things I’d love to do… like… get my Blood Elf to Dun Morogh. (xD)  Perhaps we’ll see whether one, none, or both will get reactivated…

Come to think of it, I might make a short comic about this ordeal (a little a la .hack//Legend of the Twilight’s Bracelet, if you will).  Again, no thanks (;p) to the LVLUP comics I’ve been catching up on.  You might get a chance to see my face?! (=o)

EDIT : I didn’t put “too many disrespectful little kids/noobs? as a con for WOW.  FFXI has them, too.  It’s just easier to avoid them in WOW.


~ by aerroenu on July 3, 2007.

12 Responses to “I Quit FFXI and WOW.”

  1. Do whatever you like! Do whatever your heart tells you to!

    lol, but whatever choice you’ve picked, I’m sure something good will come out of it.

    To help boost your artistic senses, check out this guy’s deviant art gallery: http://artgerm.deviantart.com/

    He doesn’t seem to stick to a single style of art, always exploring different styles. Very motivating.

  2. I had to make a similar choice back when WoW was released. Was playing FFXI at the time and picked up WoW on an impulse buy. Haven’t stopped playing it since, well I have…but you know what I mean!

    I do miss FFXI at times, it ‘was’ a lot of fun back in the day, all seems a tiny bit archaic now though.

  3. [i]”Riding mounts at Lv. 40 (vs. Lv. 20 in FFXI) = too much time spent walking.
    Gets a little repetitive with all the walking back and forth and no shortcuts or mounts. (>.

  4. well that sucked… obviously quoting your squinty face had some code that cut short my comment. And it was damn long too.

    There are ways around slow running like Hunter’s Aspect of the Cheetah/Pack (+30%) and Shaman’s Ghost Wolf (+40%). These are spells you learn, in FFXI how much do Herald’s Gaiters or Strider’s Boots cost?

    Also, you can’t ride a choco till lvl 15 (in towns) I think? You can ride any Flight Master at lvl 1 as long as you have the destination path learned. Much easier (imho) to move around Azaroth than Vanadiel. Not to mention flying mounts!

  5. Wyred : OMG, what a coincidence! I’ve been loosely keeping up with that artist for over a year, now! (xD) I also suggest Pu-sama (http://pu-sama.deviantart.com/). A fellow FFXI player, too, so there’s a fwe little FFXI fanart nestled in there.

    Nivaud : Your attempt to justify WOW’s general movement speeds versus FFXI is totally lost on me. *lol*

    Breakdown of WOW traveling:

    Hunter: Aspect of the Cheetah: Lv. 20
    Shaman : Ghost Wolf : Lv. 20
    Riding mounts : Lv. 40+

    Those a rather “job specific” (and I tend to be a soloer *lol*). Sure, there are flight masters, but it still takes a good while to walk to wherever you need to go (that Rock Quarry in Dun Morogh comes in mind, *lol*).

    Breakdown of FFXI traveling:

    Chocobo riding : Lv. 20 (Lv. 15 in towns/cities)
    Teleports : get the crystal, even at Lv. 1 (dun it on 4 cahracters, 3 times each), pay/tip a WHM, non-job specific

    Honestly, looking at what you’ve said, I now know what it is.

    Azeroth is bigger than Vana’diel.
    It’s not just “running faster”, it’s how much one has to travel to get through a zone. I definitely get through zones faster in FFXI as a Lv. 1 versus WOW as a Lv. 10: it was easier to dodge aggro!

    Thanks for helping me pinpoint what it was I wanted to get through. BTW, I’m still torn between FFXI and WOW. (;p)

  6. wow…

  7. Ok, what?

  8. So which one did you choose?

  9. I am still undecided, honestly. I originally thought I would return to FFXI, but some little complications came up. I’m back to square-one, again.

    I know I’ll sound mean by saying this, but recommendations are not welcomed. Both have their rewards and drawbacks, and I do not want anyone else but myself to tilt the scales.

  10. aerroenu, you’re a loser and have no life.
    That is all.


  11. Aerroenu will rock everyone’s socks until Feiwong grows some balls. ( so for eternity, Aerro will rock every single pair of socks everyone in the whole world owns!! )
    I am the All Mighty Thor, so I speak the truth.

    By the by, I don’t know you Aerro xD

  12. Beware of the internet keyboard cowboys people. They will
    come after you with their harry poter sticks.

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