“Ding, dong~!”

“The Taru’s back.
Back online, the Taru-witch.
Ding, dong, the Taru-bitch is baaaaaack~!”

That’s right, folks.  This Tarutaru finally got internet to her #@%&in’ apartment!  I give a Tarutaru-sized “*incoherent* YOU!!” to the ISP the apartment is using to provide internet with!  They suck, and due to a wording in their contract, I cannot get a refund from the apartment for the month of internet that was not working since the beginning of May (I signed up on May 31st).  Yes, they still sell the internet even when it doesn’t work.  Isn’t that sad?

So, yeah.  I’m back on my computer, so now I have more leniencies on what I do.  Wootaru.



Oh, yeah!  I’ve been totally hooked onto Okami  the last week.  I played it for a little bit, then left it, and finally came back to it when I got the OST.  I love Tao Master Waka’s theme.  So purdy~!

Anyhow, it’s a very fun game for the (casual?) dexterous gamer.  Play system is familiar to the good ole Zelda games, but it isn’t a rip-off of the system.  I certainly didn’t feel any sense of “ripped-off”-ness about the gameplay, but it might be because I was intrigued by every reference to ancient Japanese culture and folklore, how beautiful and fluid the gameplay was… and how subtly quirky it was.  Needless to say, my hands have now adapted to the “once exasperating” PS2 controller.  I will run while moving the camera at the same time – nothing different from what I did on FFXI, actually, except that was on a keyboard, instead. (o.O)

A pity Clover Studios is gone since this past March.  Despite the amazing games they created (Viewtiful Joy and Okami), their sales of even Okami did not support the company in Japan (66k copies vs. 200k in the States), so Capcom dissolved the company.  Thankfully, the product website is still online (now property of Capcom), and the Japanese version is dead-on cute, with quirky “top image” shockwave animations (of the big three in the center, it’s the one on the right, “トップアニメ-KanjiIDon’tKnow”).  They even have a goodies section that’s a 8-bit NES version of Kamiki Village!  Clicky the 8-bit Amaterasu on the bottom row – *lol*

While Clover Studios is gone, they have been reborn as an independent studio known as Seeds INC. [Info from Clover Studio wikipedia article.  Avoid the Okami article unless you don’t mind being rottenly spoiled.]

/salute Clover Studios and Seeds INC.

 AdventAnother “other game” sidenote, Rockman ZX: Advent?!  Yeah, a Megaman ZX 2, if you will. (“Megaman” is known as “Rockman” in Japan.) Seems like it’s a continuation of the Rockman ZX timeline (Vent and Aile are 18-years-old… with longer hair… ok, Vent looks kinda hot, but – *lol*).  New main characters are Grey/Gray (male) and Ash/Ashe/Arshe (female).

Honestly, I’ll probably never get the game until it’s super cheap used, but I’d snap up the artbook mighty quick.  I love the art style (or, really, the coloring) they used for the Rockman Zero and Rockman ZX games.  I’d like to try to work on emulating the bright coloring style whenever I get rid of my artist’s block and finish a project I’ve been wanting to finish for my FFXI Tarutaru character.  It does not necessarily involve drawing in the style: just getting the color style.  Though, it probably would help if I drew in that style, wouldn’t it?  Oh, well, we’ll see.

Oh, yeah, I had to edit the little ditty at the beginning of my entry.  Needed to soap out the mouth. (^ ^;)


~ by aerroenu on June 29, 2007.

2 Responses to ““Ding, dong~!””

  1. Get back to the porn slowly…. not all at once

  2. RAWR

    does this mean we can see you back on FF and start harassing you again for no good reason?

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