I don’t like dolls!

Ok, I was a tomboy when I was growing up.  I prefered Legos™ and K’nex™ for birthday and Christmas presents over Barbie™ dolls. (Read: building toys over dolls).  I eventually got into the first generation of Littlest Petshop™ to play toys (big heads WTF?).  I absolutely did not care for dolls at all, and I did not mind poppin’ the heads off of them, either.

Until you bring up the subject of the only two dolls I ever had any interest in: Spectra and Volks’ Dollfies. (Ok, I could include the Lady Lovely Locks ™ dolls, but I popped their heads off, too. ><;) What they both share is that they were the most articulated dolls of their time.  What they don’t share is that anytime I see a Dollfie, I go absolutely.  Ballistically.  Girly.

Which is probably why I’ve tried to keep away from anything Dollfie-related for over two years.  I remember being head-over-heels about Dollfies when they were regularly selling for over $1,000.  Yeah, way over a price I’d pay for… for a doll!! (And, still is. *lol*) It was rare to find dolls of similar quality for less than that, even from Korea, which were rumored back then to be inferior to their Japanese counterparts.

Mind, now, that rumor is about two years old, and I never could pinpoint exactly why they were inferior outside of the whole “Japana-litism” that was going on at the time.  I would not be surprised to find out their quality is just as good.

I have to blame Berrie for bringing it back up my old flame with these dolls.  She stumbled onto them while web surfing, and now she’s a proud owner of her own Dollfie-like doll~! \(^.^)/ Of course I’m envious, but I can’t help but be so happy for her!  It is still rare to see these dolls periodically, even though they made an article about them in the HauteDoll magazine (said issue I happen to have gotten by a random chance).

I’m hoping someday I’ll get my own.  I’d aboslutely love to get one that looks like an Emono.H’s Vincent Valentine one (it’s a Super Dollfie type).  Emono.H’s website used to be the primary “Dollfie owner” website I followed.  It’s sad to see the site go down, especially before I could snag all the photos!!  OMG, the photos were amazing!!  Emono.H owns such beautiful Dollfies. (; ;)

♥ ♪ ~ emono_sd_vin.jpg ~♪ ♥

BTW, this is how the doll looked like.  Only picture I can find of it, and I probably lost the previous ones I had before my hard drive crashed. (; ;) Maybe someday I’ll be able to get one… and another, female one.  I’d like to have one for each gender. (=p)


~ by aerroenu on June 17, 2007.

10 Responses to “I don’t like dolls!”

  1. While they’re still pretty pricy on e-bay, they are definitely not $1000 anymore. This was a “Cherish Doll” model and so far I’ve seen nothing wrong with her. Material is strong, she’s flexible, the clothes are as detailed as if they were made for a human-sized supermodel, and her hair is so soft. Not to mention the face and the custom faceup are so much cuter than most of the stuff I’ve seen at Volks.

    Should check it out… Watch a few dollies sell on e-bay. Maybe put a few bucks away every paycheck. Could always buy the body and head, and then find a matching wig and make your own clothes for them. :o

  2. Y’all are crazy….

    that thing is going to be staring at you while you sleep.

    {No, thanks.}

  3. Berrie, that’s one thing I noticed, actually. The company you got your doll from had some really nice ones conpared to Volks. Outside of general design, I don’t think there’s a difference between the Japanese and Korean version outside of one being outlandishly expensive. *lol*
    So, yeah… hush and stop tempting me! *lol*

    … you men wouldn’t understand, Wally. ;)

  4. Oh…. Oh I get it….

    girls like be admired while they sleep…

    I’m glad I dont understand…. YOU dont wake up with morning wood >.>

  5. One does not need to be male to wake up with morning wood in the same bed. (xD

  6. -.-;

  7. Hey, I sleep with a bat. (;p) Need something to protect me in the middle of the night. (xD)

  8. Bat…? Sure its not a skin flute? >.>

  9. That sounds gross, in a “Resident Evil” kind of way. (o_O;)

  10. Aerroenu! I have a couple questions for you o.o; Something about posting pics and uhh… oh the blogroll thing. Can I gets your email please? >.

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