Oh! Check it out!

The Tarutaru Times Online

It was Wyred’s seeeeeecwet pwoject!  Now that it’s official made public, I get to post the link on here!  Yay! (^.^)

But, yeah, if you dig all these FFX blogs, here’s gathering place for them!… it’s almost like some Asian thing, honestly.  I hardly see these on the English side, but they’re a-plenty on the Asian side of the net. (o___O)

So, yeah, chick!  It!  Owt!


~ by aerroenu on June 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “Oh! Check it out!”

  1. He did not give me a link! *tear*

  2. I came across your blog in WP’s Tag Surfer, and I just have to say thanks for posting that link! A FFXI blogging community is exactly what I was looking for!

    *thumbs up*

  3. Aerro!! I am thinking of picking up a copy of Okami, is it worth it?

  4. No problem, Serielley! Wyred just made this site, so it’s brand-spankin’ new.

    Wally, me thinks Wyred dun know you had a blogaru. Seems locgicaru. And if you like games like the Legend of Zelda series, then, yeah, Okami’s a nice grab. The graphics are unique and beautiful. Music is great, too. I think it got a good score on GameInformer, I dunno nor remember. It’s just sad that Capcom shut down Clover Studio. It apparently wasn’t doing so hot (people are so stupid).

    P.S. It’s fun digging up the mother’s radishes from right under her nose. (xD)

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