So the internet is still not working at my apartment.  I can’t help but wonder WTF is up with them.  I certainly hope it’s not an issue of “the people at the apartment are supposed to be fixing this” when it’s really their responsibility.  It’s getting very… trying to have to use the ‘net at my BF’s mom’s (the library’s the worse! >___<;).

I’ve been keeping occupied with other games, though, at least.  I finally got to play a game I’ve been wanting to play ever since it was released: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.  It’s an amazing stress reliever… watch bodies explode, I admit. (o_O;) But after I got through Act I and fought Andaria (sp), I wasn’t in the mood to keep playing.  I had to reroll my necromancer because I made the horrendous mistake of stuffing my weak skeletons with skill points versus abusing my clay golem and getting a few simple debuffs.  I fought Andaria when I was a Necromancer 16.  I was that determined to have a small pack of skeletal mages.

Strangely enough, I was a crossbow wielding necromancer most of the time. *lol*

I’m burning a bit of my WOW urges with Warcraft III and Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, at least, thankfully.  It’s nice to be “seeing how the stories went” that led up to WOW, which, in agreement with some folks, does rely on your knowledge of the Warcraft III games.  Playing this made me wish there were missions in WOW.  That’s one of the advantages FFXI has over WOW.

Slowly, though, I’m weening myself onto some of my PS2 and GameCube games I bought so when I’m done with Warcraft III, I have something else to occupy me when I’m in a gaming mood.  I was playing Okami for a bit and completing stuff in Dynasty Warriors 5 with my BF (Xing Cai, while cute, cracks me up when she talks).  Been playing Megaman X: Command Mission for a bit, also.  It’s not that bad of a game.  It’s kinda fun, and I adore the sky room.

The prime PS2 game I’ve been playing, though, is Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.  The game still costs about $40 used from GameStop, but that didn’t stop me.  I actually ran into a GameStop that had two copies, but when I went back to buy it, it was gone!  Anyhow, figured my BF might play it, since it’s a strategy RPG, but it seems like I’ve been playing it more.  I’m tempted to buy a few of the other Nippon Ichi games, namely Makai Kingdom.  I’ve heard Disgaea II wasn’t that hot, so I’m holding off until it gets cheaper.

Of course, I’m still knitting whenever my BF and I watch movies… and when I feel like it.  I’m tempted to take about the shawl I made and redoing it totally or to when I connected the new yarn… which I did wrong.  But, it took me about a month of loose knitting time to get to where I’m at, so I’m kinda in a “shove it” mood about it.  I think I’ll continue down that route.

Oh, and I’m working on, yet, two more scarves.  One scarf, I’m experiementing with (what should be) crochet thread to see if I can sorta make a stylish scarf out of it… and beads that I never used. (>.>;) I can’t seem to find knitting needles at a smaller size than a #2 that have the “stoppers” at the end.  I might try my luck at an actual crafting store or buy the expansive “knitting kit” my sister had mentioned about to me.  At least that’ll force me to learn how to use circular needles, which’ll open up bigger knitting projects for me.  Whee!

The other scarf, I’m trying to use up all the leftover yarn I had from a previous Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf… which, because I made it with a Knifty Knitter, came out like a boa constrictor. (o_O;;) Using the Knifty Knitter kinda called for me to be double-stranding the yarn (twirling two yarns into one), so, yeah.  I’m probably gonna E-bay this scarf.  It’s not bad so far.  No, the Harry Potter scarf I’m working on right now.  I don’t think I’ll ever sell my “boa constrictor”… just because it’s that humorous. (xD) Be sure to keep an eye out for it! (^_^)


~ by aerroenu on June 13, 2007.

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