Oh, wow. (o.o)

I just checked out the updates made to FFXI today, and… needless to say, I am impressed.

I’m glad I left all of my mules (minus my San d’Orian one) in Aht Urhgan, despite how now they could possibly get the teleportation quest between their home nation and Aht Urhgan.  Been waiting for Squ-Enix to extend the mog locker to the same 80 slots as the storage space is.

It’s also nice to see that you can’t lose EXP on missions, now.  It’ll make it easier then I get my BF and the Turok gang into getting Bastok Rank 10.  I want their damn flag, and I want that damn Bastokan Ring… even though I only need Rank 3 for it with Bastok in first, but still!  I’m a completist, to an annoying extend. *lol*

Let’s not forget that now those wonderful items in the ammo slot… can no longer be thrown away.  About time, Squ-Enix!!

And three cheers for Einherjar!  Even though there’s bound to be some skirmishes about trying to get asses into it, it’s nice to see another kind of “Dynamis” in the game.

Even though some of the adjustments seem “kind of late”, I’m still glad that they’re doing a lot of interesting changes to FFXI.


~ by aerroenu on June 6, 2007.

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  1. check your email again! :)

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