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FFXI Community Team @ AnimeExpo 2007.

ARGH!!  And I’m a former cosplayer, myself… who happened to have recently spent too much time looking at some awesome Japanese FFXI cosplay photos she saved… and getting too many ideas on how to make Dynasty Warrior 5 cosplays. (>___<;)

That, and I’m having a hard time making myself not use my “free time” to:

A.) play Mega Man X: Command Mission (I don’t care what you folks say – I’m having a complete ball with it!!)

B.) . . . knit.  Working on two items.  The first is a light blue, “child-sized” shawl that should measure approximately 2′ x 6′ when I’m done (been working on it loosely since February-ish).  The second is a “bone” (read: tan) 5″-wide scarf that’ll be one of those funky “(very) long and thin” scarves.  Seeing how I have some wooden beads, I might fool around and add them on the tassels when I get done… knitting teh scarf and coloring the beads.  Probably gonna be sellin’ these babies on E-bay.  I really don’t have much use for them, especially with how warm the weather has been.

… but, oh, man, I love kniting while watching movies or my BF playing some game on the PS2 or Wii. (xD)


~ by aerroenu on May 30, 2007.

4 Responses to “. . .”

  1. First post :D

  2. Argh!Smileys!I hate those D :

  3. Knit me some underwear?
    If my privvies are nice and warm at night I fall asleep real easy~

  4. . . . Wally, don’t tempt me… because the knitting book I have… does have instructions for knitting a bikini set. (@_@)

    And I thought I turned those smilies off. (=/)

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