*Scottish accent* Gott! Damnit!

I had enough of it when I left Florida.  Yay for allergy season!!

… but when I look at it, it’s so #@%&ing worth leaving the crap where I was at.

But, yeah, been busy with trying to clean up the apartment of my junk (less than a 10′ U-haul, but still a lot of junk).  I kinda regret the large plastic drawer I bought when I was in Florida.  It sags in the middle, so it’s not exactly a hot thing to use as a bookshelf.  I hate laying my books in the drawers.  I just want to reach over and grab it off whatever wherever it is.  At least anything I have packed into it, I don’t have to take out.  Paper tape the drawers in, and it’s good to go!

Unless the bugger’s full of books already. (^___^;)

… I need a bookcase… and to get rid of that plastic drawer.

… oh, yeah.  Working with BF on getting internet for the apartment.  Gotta first check out what kind of modem they’ll be selling us.  If it’s a Linksus D-Link (my bad, thanks, Crace), forget it.  I never heard the end of how much is sucked from Crace. *lol*

… I wonder how much longer I’d have to wait for Burning Crusade to, like… get cheaper… hmm… pisses me off that I missed my chance to get WOW and Burning Crusade at a cheaper price.  Oh, well… it’s only a $10 difference, right?  That just means no fancy Victoria’s Secret panties, right?

Right.  Video games before sexy panties.


~ by aerroenu on May 15, 2007.

4 Responses to “*Scottish accent* Gott! Damnit!”

  1. uh it was D-Link, not linksus

  2. oh i thaught of something else, it was a d-link wireless card thats complete shit, the router i have is d-link and its alot better with the linksus range extenders i put on it lol..

  3. (o.o)!!

    Thanks for the correction, Crace! *lol*

  4. o.o;

    I just realised that my link to your original blog dun work no more ; ;


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