Ok, so after a bit of a conversation with my BF about how “not fun” it is to be on a PVP server in WOW (Lightning’s Blade, BTW)… I’ve decided to somewhat “remake” my characters on an older, non-PVP server my BF was on earlier in his WOW-game, Bronzebeard.

This time, I stuck to keeping Aerroenu to a priest… she’s still a dwarf, though.  Dwarves are way too fun(ny).  Of course, I recreated my male gnome mage and my female human warlock, but when I was creating my female shaman, I made her tauren instead… since my BF already made a tauren shaman.

Hell, might as well try something different.

I did make a couple of solo characters, though (before mentioned ones will be duoed with my BF).  I made a male night elf hunter… whom you’ll have to be careful of because I intend to randomly hit on girls with a macro that involves -yes- their wretched /dance.  I also made a female gnome warlock, too… because warlock was way too much fun when I was trying to catch my female human one on Lightning’s Blade.

Eventually, when I move in with my BF, I’ll get the “Burning Crusades” expansion and make a female draenei who’ll either be a shaman, priest, or paladin to duo with one of my BF’s draenei characters… more likely a paladin, seeing how he’s pushing me to be one. (xP) And, come on… paladin duo?  Nyuk-nyuk!

Speaking of moving in with my BF, this will be the last day I’ll be online.  Come May 5th, my ass is getting out of Florida and into Michigan.  Yeah, yeah, Florida is nice… when it’s not ungodly hot.  I prefer the colder, less humid weather.

Yeah, I know.  I’m weird.

It’ll probably be a few weeks before I get back online.  Hopefully, our combined collection of DVDs and some new PS2 games that I got (btw, I don’t own a PS2, but my BF does xD) will keep us occupied until then.  I know we’ll both be biting at the bit. (xD)

C-ya latarus, folks!


~ by aerroenu on April 30, 2007.

3 Responses to “Great Big MOOOOOOOVE!!”

  1. you may be a bit “busy” to play computer games…

  2. Nivaud, have I met you? (o_O)

    And, um… if you mean bowling nights, yeah. :D nothing more, you naughty thang, you. (;p)

  3. You were in Florida? o.O;

    Add me to yur blog thing! … Then tell me how you did it so I can add you to mine!

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