Er… holy hell, yeah.  I know, I know, I promised to make a post, um… a good while back? (^ ^;)

So, anyhoos.  Long story short:

  1. Work has been very busy, very tiring, and very stressful.
  2. I’ve started to play a game that was… not so… “serious”. 

Yes, ladies and gents… I’m playing World of Warcraft.  And, contrary to what you folks might think…


I am a dwarven female hunter… with my pet polar bear named Andy & a white wolf named Okami (formerly known as Timber xD).

Yep: I’m not a gnome priest.  In fact, gnomes can’t be priest.  But they can be dirty little mages… (xD) With how this deal is working, I can’t figure out how to put multiple images on, so you’ll have to wait.

Anyhow, I’ve got four characters total on Lightning’s Blade:

  1. a female dwarven hunter 12 (soloing character),

  2. a female night elf druid 15 (duoing with my boyfriend’s male draenei shaman),

  3. a male gnome mage 11 (duoing with my BF’s male gnome warlock), &

  4. a female human warlock 11 (duoing with my BF’s female human mage).

What’s kinda scary is out of our “same gender” duos… um… they’re somehow two sets of twins.  Only difference is my gnome’s the dirty one (black hair vs. white) and my human’s a white-haired African lassie whose boobies shrink when she uses up mana… which is my way of joking with how ridiculously huge they make their boobies. *lol* And… I find ridiculously big boobies funny.

I’ve got three horde characters on Mug’thol, also:

  1. a female troll hunter 1,

  2. a female undead priest 1, &

  3. a female tauren druid 1.

Haven’t played with my Horde characters, yet.  Plus, my BF & I are too busy with our Alliance characters.

Even though I joke with my BF about how I had to endure listening to him play WOW (we talk on the phone every evening), I’m kinda glad he got me into WOW.  No offense, but FFXI is a little too… “serious”.  WOW, yes, is easy to play, but it’s whimsical & quirky!  With how stressful work and life have been (I live with my employers, who are my cousins), I really needed something light-hearted.  Plus, it was inevitable that I would play WOW.  Despite how “cartoonish” it appeared and how turned off I was of it, the more I watched game footage, the more I was certain that someday I would play it.  I just needed some final little push, like someone to play it with… or to share just how silly the game was.

Needless to say, I absolutely love the dwarven.  Yes, even with “Lord of the Rings”, Gimli was me absolute favorite character (screw Legolas – he’s already got enough fans).

So, yeah… the good past while, I’ve been playing WOW.  I might drop in every so often into FFXI, but regardless of what anyone thinks…

No, I haven’t quit FFXI, and I ain’t gonna.

Just be ready to see me use pull macros like:

*Irish accent* Hey, you!  Catch this!  /target [mob]


~ by aerroenu on April 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Um…”

  1. A dwarf? A DWARF?


    What were you thinking?

  2. addict

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