“OMG, Aerro, Your Site Is Down!”

Yeah.  I know.

And if Feiwong’s running around going, “Aw-aw-aw, I made Aerro’s site go down, aw-aw-aw”, well…

Hate to burst bubbles, but Hadesixii (who, bless him, gave me the webspace for free) had warned me earlier that the www.fishingguild.net account for going to die in March or May, anyways.

For now, this blog’s my back-up blog.  I dunno if the data from my old site was saved or not.  Neither he or I have had a chance to talk to each other about what’s going on, sho – *shrugs* Doesn’t bother me if I did, either.  Sure, lost a few good entries, but, whatever.  Those entries seem like the postings of the old me.  I’m now a needlessly-overly-stressed-out and more disgruntled Tarutaru than I used to be…

Which means don’t be surprised if I crack more sex jokes and cuss words than I used to.

Regardless, I’m looking into getting my own website.  Any suggestions for web hosts are welcomed. =)

Thanks for being patient with me, folks!

… and shut up about black panties.


~ by aerroenu on March 30, 2007.

4 Responses to ““OMG, Aerro, Your Site Is Down!””

  1. It was great talking again. Good luck with the whole moving/stress/job stuff. And don’t worry…who doesn’t love sex jokes?

  2. so black lace panties. Where?

  3. /wave:) hello aerro hehe nice to see you around:) hello Raislin too:)
    found this song for yall:)

  4. Tarus with black lace panties?
    That’s hot…
    I guess…

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